Friday, March 15, 2013

Turkish Practice

Whenever I travel overseas, I try to master a few simple phrases in the host nation's native tongue. I feel much better about walking around and interacting with others if I can demonstrate a good faith attempt to try the language - and usually the people I meet appreciate the effort!

If you would like to practice some Turkish phrases and words, I would recommend the website Memrise.  This is an interactive website designed to give you personalized language drills. The part I like best is that the lessons are user-created and customizable. If you are having trouble with a word, you can select from a list of pictures & mnemonic devices (or create your own) to help you remember the term.

Create an account and give it a try! From my experience, Memrise is a great game to play for a few minutes a day, and I'm surprised by how quickly I've been able to learn some basic Turkish.


  1. I love to pick up random languages and this website is Phenomenal!

  2. That's a great source for learning Turkish, try It's also very good.